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Starter acid dye kit and fixer
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Acid Wool Dyes Starter Kit

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Fancy having a go at dyeing your own hand dyed yarn or wooltops?
Dye your own yarn and wool and create an infinite number of shades and tones using the 4 carefully chosen intermixable colours featured in this intro pack.

Pack contains: 1 each 4 x 10g Acid Dyes: Lemon, Magenta, Cyan, Black, plus 150g x ammonium fixer.
Also contains full instructions! Heat is also required to fix the dyes, and instructions for stove top, microwave or Space Dyeing are included.

Acid Dyes are suitable for use on protein fibres such as Wool, Mohair, Angora, Fur, Feathers, Camel, Silk and Nylon. It is also possible to use white vinegar or citric acid as a fixer too.

NB Acid dyes do not contain acid - the term refers to the milk acidic salts or white vinegar which is used as a fixative.

Starter Yarn Dye Kit : 4 x 10g + Fixer
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