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Wooden Punch needle tool and threader Wooden Punch Needle Tool and threader Wooden Punch Needle Tool and threader
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Wooden Punch Needle Tool & Threader

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Wooden & Brass Punch needle tool total length: 14.8cm
Fixed Needle Length: 3.6 cm (i.e. the brass piece that sticks out)
Diameter of brass shaft for yarn is 5mm

Includes separate long Needle Threader

Perfect for Punch Needle onto Monks Cloth - available separately.
Suitable for Double Knit, Aran or Chunky yarns - it's best to experiement, as the yarn must be able to move up and down the shaft without getting caught.

Please note that the punch needle does not come packaged or with instructions.
Instead I've written some instructions for you here!

Instructions for how to use the Wooden Punch Needle Tool:
1) Insert the threader wire into the punch needle from the needle end until it pokes out the top.
2) When it comes out the top, open the threader and pop your yarn through it with a 2" tail approx
3) Pull the threader back through and out of the punch needle end and release the yarn from the threader
4) Now put the threader through the eye of the needle from the front to the back sliced off side
5) Again open up the threader and put the yarn in it, then pull it back through the hole in the needle so it looks like the picture
6) Leave about a 2 inch tail and start to punch, always making sure you punch the full needle depth into the cloth and that the working yarn is behind the punch needle. Work slowly and steadily to start with.
7) The side you are working on will look like flat stitches and the loops will form on the other 'right' side.
8) Always lead with the 'sliced off' back side of the needle. The yarn should always be behind the needle. 
9) If the stitches don't form properly, check that the yarn isn't too big for the needle shaft, and that it can travel freely through the shaft and doesn't get stuck. If it's in a ball or skein, make sure it can move freely as you work. If you are still having trouble, try a different - maybe slightly skinnier - yarn.

Wooden Punch Needle Tool & Threader
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