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Online Felting Courses with Gilliangladrag

Now you can learn online with us at The Gilliangladrag Fluff-a-torium - wherever you live!

Online Felting Courses with Gilliangladrag

The first online course that is now up and running is "Learn to Make a Handmade Felt Rose" with Gillian...

Learn to Make a Handmade Felt Rose Online Course

A bit more info...
With a few simple and inexpensive pieces of equipment (that you can re-use over and over) and small amounts of sumptuous responsibly reared 'Wool Tops' (un-spun wool) I will show and explain how to make your own gorgeous Felt Roses in just a couple of hours! These are exquisite and perfect for flower headbands and head-dresses, corsages, or for pinning onto bags or hats etc. too!

Learn to Make a Handmade Felt Rose Online Course
You can be a complete beginner or have a little bit or experience - it doesn't matter, and you will learn both 'Wet-Felting' and 'Needle Felting' during your online course.
Making the felt for your rose yourself using the 'Wet Felting' method, is very satisfying and magical, and allows you to use different colour combinations resulting in more interesting finishes with subtleties of colour that you don't see in 'shop bought' felt.

Learn to Make a Handmade Felt Rose Online Course

Your finished felt is 100% wool and therefore very responsive to 'Needle Felting' and being sculpted, which makes it perfect for turning into lovely roses. A little bit of easy sewing at the end ensures that everything is well held together and robust enough to be used and worn regularly!

What's included?
Included in this online rose felting course is a 20 minute video with me (Gillian!) showing and explaining exactly how to do everything. There is also a Q and A of frequently asked questions, and a list of everything you'll need to get started!

How much does it cost?
it's just £10 to enrol on this online felting course to felt a handmade felt rose, and you will have lifetime access to it! YAY!

How do I sign up?
Simply CLICK HERE to go straight to the course and you can find out what you'll need and how to get started!

Learn to Make a Handmade Felt Rose Online Course
Are there any other online courses to choose from?
They are coming soon! I am currently working on my online slipper course - so watch this space for more info! Or keep an eye on our social media :-)