Who doesn't LOVE a pompom? So for this time of year I'll show you how to quickly and easily make cute fluffy little Christmas Pudding pompoms using a pompom maker and some lovely fluffy wool tops...

Christmas Pudding Pompoms

here's what you'll need (all the text is linked below to the products):

  1. We sell a kit to make these now! Here : Christmas Pudding Pompom Kit 

OR :

  1. 1 x Pompom Maker set (comes with 4 sizes - really good value!)
  2. 1 x 100g bag creamy white wool tops
  3. 1 x 100g bag brown wool tops
  4. 1 x rectangle green felt
  5. Small amounts of black and red wool tops or yarn
  6. Some strong yarn or string and some really sharp scissors

Step One : Open up the pompom maker and hold the two parts together with the nobbles sitting in the holes on both sides. Start by pulling apart lengths of brown wool tops lengthways into strands, and wrapping this around both side of the pompom maker until it is 'full' and flush at the top. Add in some tiny strands of black here and there if you have some, and this will look like the currants when it's finished!

Step Two: Now take some strands of white wool tops and add this at the far left and right as per the picture. If you have some red, add a tiny amount on the far right of the white on one side and this will look like a cherry or holly berry at the end.

Step Three : Now close the pompom maker and secure the little clips. With some sharp scissors, cut around the groove in the pompom maker all the way around, but DO NOT open it up yet!

Step Four : Now take some strong thread or yarn or string, and tie securely around the pom pom maker groove. This yarn will also act as your hanging loop - so it's nice to use something decorative too! Tie a double knot and make sure it's tight and secure.

How to Make A Christmas Pudding Pompom

Step Five : Now the best bit! Release the pompom maker and use some super sharp scissors to trim your Christmas pudding pompom perfectly round as it might be a little misshapen to start with.

Finally cut some little holly leaves from the green felt, and glue or sew them in place to make your finished Christmas Pudding Pompoms! :-)


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