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Extreme Knitting or Extreme Crochet (also referred to as Giant Knitting and Giant Crochet) is now - understandably - very popular. Making snuggly oversized blankets and home accessories to cozy up to is definitely a worthwhile cause and let's face it, look inviting, textural plus not to mention rather chic too! :-)

And of course - using 'Wool Tops' for this process (as giant 'yarn') is sumptuously perfect. We stock this 100% soft, responsibly reared Merino Wool Tops in over 70 different colours - to match every possible interior.

There are are a number of fabulous projects for Giant Crochet and also Giant Knitting in my book "Easy Stuff to Make with Fluff" :Easy Stuff to Make with Fluff by Gillian Harris 

...including a couple of cute little rugs, a plant pot, a stole, and this rather fabulous floor cushion :

Giant Extreme Knitted Floor Cushion from Easy Stuff to Make with Fluff by Gillian Harris

And now I've designed the cushion in this project too, which takes just 500g of Wool Tops, and is SUPER FAST to make! (No really - I'm talking about half an hour to crochet the front - if that!) :-)

giant crochet make a loop giant crochet make a chain Giant Crochet Make a Chain

To Crochet the Cushion Front:

1. Make a loop and another 4 chains (so 5 chains in all)

2. Slip stitch into the first chain to make a ring. You will now work around the ring using UK double crochet stitches (US: single crochet).

giant double crochet stitch giant crochet double crochet stitch Giant Double Crochet Stitch

3. Work 2 double crochet into each chain or stitch for two 'rounds'. Keep you work as loose as possible so it lies as flat as possible (instead of becoming concave!)

4. Work 1 double crochet and 2 double crochet into alternate stitches for following round/s until you run out of yarn! Weave in ends at back. Et Voila! :-)

Cushion back

Making the Cushion Back, attaching it all together and adding the pompom trim:

1. Cut 2 x Deep semi circles from your fat quarter cotton (or felt) back fabric. I drew around the finished crochet front leaving about a 1" seam allowance for sizing.

Cushion back

2. Hem each straight edge. Place the right sides of the crochet cushion and the overlapping cotton pieces together. Pin, tack and sew - I hand sewed, but you could use a machine if you have the correct foot to fit the wool tops underneath!

3. Turn the cushion out the right way. Pin and then hand sew the pompom trim around the edge using a matching thread and taking care to make sure the pompoms hang in the correct direction! (I wanted mine hanging forwards).

Crochet Cushion cutting felt flowers for front

4. Cut and sew on the little felt flowers : to make one flower, cut a circle of felt approx 1.5 - 2" in diameter. Snip in a 12, 3, 6, and 9 o clock to create 4 equal segments. Then snip in between each of those to create 8 segments. Carefully 'round off' each flower petal. Cut leaves from green. Pin then sew in place randomly around the crochet cushion, adding mother of pearl buttons for flower centres.

Giant Crochet Cushion / Extreme Crochet Cushion using Wool Tops

5. Add a round cushion pad OR stuff with polyester toy stuffing ( I used about 2.5 bags). Add a button closure or some velcro, or a couple of snap fasteners at the back where the fabric flap is.

{KNITTERS : To make a 'square' knitted version of this cushion - I'd cast on approx 7 stitches on 30mm knitting needles. Then knit until you run out of wool tops.}

To join two different pieces of wool tops or two different colours together, simply overlap the tapered ends by about 6 inches, then tie the two pieces together using some contrasting yarn. Carry on knitting or crocheting with it as normal, and then when your piece is finished remove the yarn holding it together. The two pieces should be well enough entwined in your crochet or knitting to stay put. If you feel like they aren't, then add a few stitches in a matching thread.

Granny Square Rug from "Easy Stuff to Make with Fluff"


(Here is the crocheted "Granny Square" Giant wool tops rug from my book "Easy Stuff to Make with Fluff".) ENJOY! x

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