This is a really quick tassel 'make' - for a new pair of tassel earrings to match an outfit, or to stand out from shop bought earrings, or if you need a quick crafty fix for a certain length or colour - or just because tassels are all the rage right now!
(Also - a great alternative to the pompom earring) :-)

Quickest of all is using ready made tassels (which come in lots of shapes and sizes,) - ready to hang from your ears! I used some silver tasselsthat were about 50mm long with a 35mm loop...

...but you can easily make your own tassels and there are lots of tutorials online. If you don't leave loops at the top there won't be room to wrap yarns around them and they will end up shorter. Then you can literally just pop them onto earring wires and you're done!

What you're going to need:

How to make the Tassel earrings:

  1. Wrap each tassel 'loop' with the yarn or threads of your choice. Do this by holding a long end of the yarn against the tassel loop and wrapping around it. Finish with a knot with the end that's hanging out, and add a blob of glue to keep in place.
  2. Leave enough space at the end for the bead if you're going to use one.
  3. Slip the bead in place, then open the base of the earring wire with the pliers and hook the very top of the tassel loop over it. Close again with the pliers and add another blob of glue.
  4. Make the other earring to match!
  5. Leave the glue to dry and they are ready to wear!

May 31, 2019 — gilliangladrag1 Admin

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