How you can join in from home with our newest Kid Silk Mohair 'Knit a Jumper Club' ?

This is a beautiful and achievable project to keep your mind focussed and make you feel happy - we could all do with a bit of that right!? :-)

As long as you know how to knit and purl, then you can join in with our knit along and knit this divine jumper in a beautifully soft Kid Silk Mohair, in the round, on 5mm needles, (so it grows pretty quickly!) It's definitely soft enough to wear next to the skin, but as it's so sheer you'll most likely want to wear it over a t-shirt like I am below. It's surprisingly warm, but it would be perfect on a cooler summers day!

New Kid Silk Mohair Knit a Jumper Club

Seen here in our Blue Super Kid Mohair (available in 13 different shades) the jumper pattern is called the 'Comfy Pullover Lite' by Phoenix Bliss, and you can buy it via us as we are a Ravelry Pro Store - so the designer still gets their cut! :-) Read on for all the links...

There's no need to come to our studio sessions, as we have created a special private Facebook group for this jumper club, so we can all see and exchange top tips, without the need for anti bacterial hand gel, or if you live a plane ride away.

It won't matter where you live and we can all craft together despite any adversity ;-)

The pattern is suitable for ALL SIZES and is available from a size XS right through to a 4XL - so hopefully there's an option for everyone! The finished jumper I'm wearing in the pic above is a size M and I'm normally a size UK 12, - it fits me perfectly! (Although I like my jumpers a bit sloppy so I might knit up the size L instead :-) )

So : here's what you need to do to join in :

1) Buy your 'Comfy Pullover Lite Pattern here

2) Buy your Kidsilk Mohair yarn for this jumper from us here (from as little as about £25 depending on size and brand of yarn)

3) Ask to join our private Facebook group for this jumper club, which is called : KNIT A JUMPER CLUB No.3 : Kid Silk Mohair "Comfy Pullover Lite" (you should be able to request this on Facebook, but do contact us by email if you are having trouble! )

Gilliangladrag Holy Fluff hand dyed Kid Mohair with Silk


Q : How much yarn will I need?

A : Probably less than you think! But you need to check the yardage required against your size here on the pattern :

How much yarn will I need?

As you'll see from the above pattern chart, we needed 880 yards of Kid Silk Mohair Yarn for our size M we had knitted up by our sample knitter Sukhi. Although actually she ended up using slightly less than that as we decided to make the sleeves a bit shorter. So we used 100g of Super Kid Mohair Silk yarn in total. This particular yarn costs £7.95 for 25g (25g = 200m / 218 yards) so we needed 4 balls for the medium and spent just £31.90 on the 100g of yarn required for this project! SWEET! So reasonable! And it's a DELIGHT to knit with. :-)

(Plus remember we offer 10% loyalty credit too!)

Kid Silk Mohair

Q: What are my yarn options?

A: There are quite a few gorgeous yarn options for this jumper :-)

1) The cheapest option is our single colours (£7.95 per 25g) Super Kid Mohair Silk which comes in 13 colours HERE

2)Then we have a beautiful Kid Silk Mohair Print here from the same company that fades from one colour through to another. This is £17.30 per 50g (400m) :

3) Our third option is our own Gilliangladrag Holy Fluff hand dyed Kid Silk Mohair yarn here. Again, this comes in 50g (420m) skeins which cost £22 each. We currently have it dyed in small batches in various glorious colourways! (It never hangs around for very long and we are dyeing more as fast as we can!!! :-) )

         Gilliangladrag Holy Fluff Hand Dyed Super Kid Mohair for Knit a Jumper CLub Gilliangladrag Holy Fluff hand dyed Kid Silk Mohair Lace weight yarn for Knit a Jumper CLub

4) And our 4th option is this delightful hand dyed Kid Silk Mohair yarn from Sionnach in Ireland, here which is dyed in small batches using plants. These colours are really soft and beautiful and would make a BEAUTIFUL jumper! This final option costs £27 per 50g (420m) :


Q: What needles will I need?

A: For the body of the jumper : You will need circular 5mm needles for the main body of the jumper that are 24" or 36"long. Converted to metric, we used 100cm, but you could also use 80cm needles. You will also need the same length needles for the rib that are 4.5mm. Click here for circular needles!

For the sleeves you could use DPNS in both 5mm and 4.5mm OR 25cm circulars instead here. 

Circular needles

And that's pretty much it! You'll also need some stitch markers and a tapestry needle too.

As soon as you've purchased your pattern and your yarn from us we can add you to the Facebook group so that you'll be ready to start on March 31st when we do!

Knit a Jumper Club : Kid Silk Mohair


March 12, 2020 — Gillian Harris

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