Gilliangladrag FLUFF DISCO Cotton Project Bag



Inside our new cotton 'FLUFF DISCO' project bag it's JUST like being at a FLUFF DISCO... well, - except there's no man with sideburns moustache and flashing 'STAR' glasses. (Phew.) And no one wants to buy you a Tequila Sunrise. (Hmmm - Shame.)

Keep your Knitting project in it. Keep your Crochet project in it. Keep your Wooltops in it. Keep your yarns in it. Keep your PE kit in it. Keep your disco memorabilia in it. Keep your food shopping in it. Just wander around town with it. Looking kewwwwwl and singing Night Fever.

Put all yer funkytown floooff and yarn and needles and hooks and suchlike in, so they can boogie oogie oogie under the rays from that Glitter Ball when you're not using them! ;-) xx

This is our new FLUFF DISCO Project Bag and c'est très très chic et très unique. Designed by me Gillian. Shake your groove thing, freak out and don't stop till you get enough etc. ;-) x

ALSO A GREAT ‘GIFT BAG’ if you’d like to put something else inside it ;-) x
100% cotton
100% designed by Gilliangladrag

Approx 38cm wide x 40cm high. Drawstring closure. Printed on one side. Cream cotton on reverse.
Made by 'Bags of Ethics'TM : a positive label that promotes the people and planet behind reusable products.

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