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HAND SPUN Yarn Cake : 94g "Don't Worry Be Happy" : Gilliangladrag Holy Fluff



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94g of insanely gorgeous and totally unique 'Thick & Thin' hand spun Art Yarn : spun 50% from our 'Phantasmagorical' House Blend and 50% from our 'Glittery Unicorn' House Blend Wooltops, which feature luxuriously soft Merino Wools reared from the backs of happy sustainably raised sheep, plus vibrant silks and a little Angelina glitter fibre here and there! Spun on an Ashford E-Spinner :-) xx

A beautiful hand spun thick and thin art yarn - suitable for knitting or crochet or would be fabulous for weaving etc. 

This is a 94g skein which is 35m (38.3yds) long

Made up of many different colours of Merino Wool Tops, plus silks and Angelina fibres too. The colours are insane! Just gorgeous.

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