Monks Cloth Punch Needle Fabric: 9 Count: Cream per metre



Monks Cloth for Punch Needle sold PER METRE! And it's a whopping 150cm wide so you'd be getting 1m x 1.5m for £22.95

This is 9 holes per inch : 9 count.

100% cotton

Sold by the metre, - this Monks Cloth is 150cm wide and is perfect for punch needle and use with our punch needle tools. This loosely woven Monk's Cloth fabric holds the yarns in place through tension, allowing you to create even loops of the same height on one side. When densely packed, these loops form a soft carpet like surface texture, which is perfect for cushions and wallhangings etc.

When your piece is finished, you might want to think about 'fixing' the 'wrong side' with a fabric glue, to prevent the loops from moving, getting pulled or coming away.

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