Easy Stuff to Make with Fluff (SIGNED)

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Have you ever wondered what can be made with fluffy wooltops, wools and yarns?
This is my new book, and has all the answers!

Wooltops are essentially 'unspun' wool that have been processed into long fluffy lengths. It's the stuff you use when you spin yarn, and it's also the stuff that is used for felting, plus you can use it to weave with, or for extreme knitting and giant crochet too! It is light and woolly and very very fluffy!
A selection of other fibres and yarns are used in some of the projects too - these start life as fluffy wooltops, but have been processed a little bit more and may have been spun and plied into different sorts of yarns.

Choose your favourite colours of ‘fluff' and learn how to make pompoms, brooches, pictures, lampshades, cushions and more. Use the fluff as it is or learn how to transform it by wetfelting, needlefelting, weaving, spinning, plus giant knitting or giant crocheting. Spin your own art yarn too using a simple drop spindle.

Hopefully you will get hooked into my vibrant fluffy world and begin crafting lots of lovely, simple, easy to make projects.

Projects are graded in difficulty as follows:
Childs Play
Easy Peasy
Pretty Damn Easy
Easy Once you Know How
Less Easy but You Can Do It!

There are photographic 'step by steps' for Wet Felting; Needle Felting; Drop Spindling and Weaving.
And Betty Bou (my dog) is in the book wearing a felted dog necklace :-) ....just in case you were wondering!

*Signed by Gillian!