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Dorset Beeswax Queen



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Dorset Beeswax : For creative projects – making balms, salves and polishes, or for use in crafting, for furniture restoration. The wrapper is full of lots of useful ideas!

Weight : 25g

Some ideas for beeswax :

Use the wax to ease drawer runners, curtain tracks and zips. 

Fill scratches or holes in wood.  

Wax thread and string with it to make waxed threads!

The wax melts at 65 degrees C. It may develop a “bloom” if kept at low temperatures – this will rub off with a cloth, or if stored in a warm place.

Beeswax is produced as a liquid by young bees, which secrete wax from special glands. On contact with air, the wax hardens to form small scales. Naturally white, the wax is coloured by pigments in the pollen which bees collect. About one million wax scales make 1 kg of wax!