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Extreme Giant Knitting Needles 30mm x 1 metre long (Beech)



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Beautiful handmade Beech Knitting Needles for Extreme / Giant Knitting. We use them to knit with merino wooltops / roving to make giant knitting - great for throws, blankets and rugs.

They are 30mm wide and 1m long (think almost broom handles with a point and an end!)
You should get enough "wooltops / roving" stitches on these needles to make a blanket or rug etc.

As a rough guide, you will need about:
  • 750g would be oik for a scarf / stole
  • 1kg wooltops for a small blanket (about 50cm square)
  • About 2 kg wooltops will do a rug about 1m square
  • For a larger blanket or rug, try about 3-4kg wooltops
We sell wooltops in over 60 different colours! Plus our house blends too!

NB : When you order the wooltops from us, be sure to ask for it with as few breaks as possible if you want more than one kilo. Just pop it into the comments box when you check out!

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