Felt Slipper Kit (as used in online course)


This is the Felt Slipper Kit that contains pretty much everything you'll need to make the beautiful cozy Felt Slippers that I show you how to make in my Online Felt Slipper Course!
NB : Once you have enrolled in my course there is a 10% discount code included in the course notes for this kit bundle!
See my new Online Felt Slipper Course here - it contains over 1.5 hours of videos and teaches you step by step how to make your own pair of felt slippers.

(Please note that is a KIT to make the slippers yourself. It is not a pair of finished slippers!!)

This kit contains :
  • 1 x pair reusable Polystyrene Slipper Lasts in your size (NB Be sure to tell us which size you need!)
  • 1 x pair Green Felt Soles (NB Be sure to tell us which size you need!)
  • 1 x pair Suede Soles to go under the felt ones (NB Be sure to tell us which size you need!)
  • 100g wooltops in each of Jade; Light Turquoise; and Ice Queen (Total 300g)
  • 5 x 25g wooltops packs for decorations : Yellows/Orange; Pinks/Red; Purples; Greens; Pastels (Total 125g)
  • 4 x green felt leaves for decoration
  • 2 x red felt flowers for decoration
  • Half a metre of baby pompom trim for decoration
  • 1 x card of Strong Red Waxed Thread for sewing on soles and decoration
  • 50g Candy Pink wooltops for decorations
  • 1 x Piece of Netting for wet felting
  • 1 x Mini Bamboo Mat
  • 5g Angelina Glitter Fibre in Cobalt Blue

Things not included that you will also need :
Pompom maker (optional and available separately here)
Other Embroidery threads for decorations (optional and available separately here)
2 x plastic freezer bags and 2 x Elastic bands
1 x towel and 1 x dishcloth
Washing up liquid & spray bottle
Sharp Embroidery Scissors(available separately here)
Use of washing machine
Dressmaking Pins (available separately here)
Yarn Darner Needles (available separately here)
Sheepskin insoles (available from shoe repairers or online)
The Online Felt Slipper Course itself (£39 +tax)