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FULL SET Gilliangladrag Metal Candy Coloured Knitting Needles



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A full set of our lovely lightweight Gilliangladrag brand candy coloured metal Knitting Needles in all lengths and sizes. (Each size and length is a specific colour.)
Save 20% in price on buying them separately!

Each pair of needles comes packaged in a pretty Gilliangladrag pouch. (see pic)

This set comprises:

Knitting Needles

10” (26cm)

2.25mm 2.75mm 3.25mm 3.5mm 3.75mm 4mm 4.5mm 5mm 5.5mm 6mm 6.5mm 8mm 9mm 10mm   


Knitting Needles

14” (36cm)

4mm 4.5mm 5mm 5.5mm 6mm 6.5mm 8mm 9mm 10mm

23 pairs in total
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