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Gilliangladrag Mug "Total Mother Fluffer" Yellow



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This new Limited Edition Gilliangladrag mug is designed to help you get a hot beverage - FAST.

Thanks to this new bespoke design, anyone passing your mug tree / dresser / draining board, will easily catch sight of the eye catching happy painted design, be reminded of your Total Mother Flufferness, and act on the clear instruction on the side of the mug: "Please bring me a hot beverage. Urgently'.
Simply wait for the nearest passer by to bring your hot beverage, and then relax once again with your knitting / crochet / sewing / stitching / weaving / spinning etc.etc.

Suitable for anyone you know who enjoys Knitting, Crochet, Sewing, Stitching, Weaving, Spinning SO much, that they have reached "Total Mother Fluffer" status, and must be brought a hot beverage immediately.
It is also permitted to purchase one for yourself if no one else has taken the hint. And indeed to make the beverage yourself if there is no other option. Meh.

Comes Boxed. Dishwasher proof. 11oz. Holds Tea and Coffee. And Gin etc.