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Sajou Little Monster Embroidery Scissors



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These scissors got their name because of the disproportion between the handles and the blades. In days gone by they were used to garnish miniature sewing kits, so the blades needed to be short. Apart from classic use, they can also be used for broderie anglaise or Richelieu embroidery.

These Little Monsters are entirely made in France. They are hot forged and their production entails no less than twenty manual operations: forging, piercing, tapping, dipping, numerous polishings, chroming, gilding, sharpening, adjusting...

Concerning the adjusting, these scissors bear pairing marks which means that the two blades have been adjusted at the beginning of their fabrication to "make a pair", fit together. Pairing marks are the sign of a high quality product.

The handles of these Little Monsters are delicately gilded and each handle is engraved with the Sajou signature « S ».

These scissors, clad with a Sajou ribbon, are presented in a pink, floral motif box.

Size: 4.8 cm.