Yarn Bowl : Pale Green & White Resin

Ex. VAT$30.00 USD

I'm thinking of old 'Bakelite' when I look at this Yarn Bowl! So pretty and retro! (Or maybe the latest Resin marbling kits around at the moment!?) Anyway...

Ideal for neatly holding and releasing your yarn while you craft without it getting into a tangled mess under the sofa! By simply placing your yarn in the bowl and threading the loose outer strand through the bowl’s coil,it will release the yarn at a consistent tension as you knit or crochet! Woohoo!!!

You can control the pace at which your yarn is released yourself, so that you can craft without worrying about tangles or tugging! This practical yarn bowl is made from resin and measures 14 x 9cm, which is a good size for a larger ball of wool.