9 x 25g bag Wooltops Bundle - save over 15%

Ex. VAT£19.17 GBP
Incl.VAT£23.00 GBP

If you're new to Felting, this is a fab way of building up your Merino wooltops colour palette and a great 'taster' bundle! And save over 15% whilst you're at it!

Each bag weighs 25g and you get four colours in each bag.
This bundle deal is for all 9 colourways of our 25g bags, giving you 36 different colours and sorts of wooltops!! This will give you a great palette to work with.
(If you decide you want or need more, we sell all of our colours in larger 100g bags too which is even greater value!)

Included is :
  • Merino Pastels 25g wooltops bag with 4 different pastel colours as pictured
  • Merino Yellows / Oranges 25g wooltops bag with 2 yellows and 2 oranges
  • Merino Reds / Pinks 25g wooltops bag wth 2 reds and 2 pinks
  • Merino Purples 25g wooltops bag with 4 different purples
  • Merino Blues 25g wooltops bag with 4 different blues
  • Merino Greens 25g wooltops bag with 4 different greens
  • Merino Neutrals 25g wooltops bag with 4 neutral colours white, grey, brown and black
  • Merino Blends 25g wooltops bag with 4 of our most popular house blends as pictured
  • Natural Wools 25g wooltops bags with Blue Faced Leicester White; Blue Faced Leicester Oatmeal; Black Jacob; Grey Jacob

Great for both wet felting and dry needle felting too. Also drop spindling.

NB : "Fluff Money" Reward Points are not available with this bundle deal.