Earn Store Credit FluffMoney

What is Fluff-Money? : Every time you shop with us, collect an amazingly generous 10% of your basket total (over £10) as 'FLUFF-MONEY' Store Credit. To our knowledge, no other shop selling similar items offers such a generous reward scheme! So hopefully you'll be quids in in no time! :-) x

What can I spend it on? : Spend it on whatever you fancy on your next order with us, or save it up until you have enough for something really BIG! It accumulates really fast :-) It will start to accrue after your first order, so you can't spend it on your first ever order, but after that you can spend what you earnt on your previous order.

How much can I earn? There's no limit! Eg: Spend £25.00 and get £2.50 store credit for your next transaction. It's 10% of whatever you spend! But please check our Ts & Cs below! 

How do I get my Fluff-Money? : It's easy and fast....

Simply create an account with us by clicking HERE (takes about 30 seconds) and log into your account each time you visit to see how much 'FLUFF-MONEY' you've got - it's as simple as that! It will also show you your Fluff-Money balance when you check out, as long as you are logged in.

*NB: the boring bit... OUR T's & C's : 

1) Fluff-Money Store Credit can be collected on all full price items EXCEPT Courses and Workshops, BUNDLE deals, E-Spinners and Downloadable Knitting/crochet patterns. (However is can be REDEEMED against ALL products).

2) Collecting Fluff-Money Store Credit is NOT valid in conjunction with any other other offer : e.g. when you use ANY other discount codes - like the code for free shipping over £35 for example. (Sometimes it's better to pay for shipping and earn the 10% fluff money if it's worth more so please check!) We are a very small company and can't afford to offer other discounts or free shipping AND 10% fluff money at the same time. (We'd go bankrupt! ;-) x)

3) If you are signed in as a customer, Fluff-Money Store Credit will automatically accumulate on any order over £10

4) If you are redeeming your Fluff-Money on an order, you can't accumulate more Fluff-Money at the same time. (Else you'd get it twice! ;-) )