Welcome to Gilliangladrag. Fluff is our religion. And here is what we believe:

1. We believe making stuff makes you happy :-)

2. We believe that there's no such thing as too much wool. That's definitely not a thing.

3. We believe in an inspirational 'stash' & craft cupboard. That is the root of all creative possibility & satisfaction, and well, if you've got that, then you must be doing something right.

4. We believe you have the right to add as many pompoms & tassels as you want. Decoration is life.

5. We believe in fluffy stuff. Both physically and metaphoricafluffilly.

6. And we believe in our Grandmas - they led the way and taught us what we know; we are but revolutionaries knitting, crocheting, felting, weaving and stitching with neon pink & adding more pompoms than is normal... :-) xx


'Holy Fluff' Hand Dyed Yarn by Gilliangladrag

Designed & hand dyed by myself and my team in my studio in Betchworth, we now have a fabulous range of 'Holy Fluff' hand dyed yarn, in a number of different yarn weights and colour combos - growing in number by the week! Did you know all our Holy Fluff hand dyed yarns are named with song titles that reflect their colourful vibe!?


Courses & Workshops

At the moment our Creative Courses are on hold due to Covid. Instead please check out our FREE Gilliangladrag Tutorials on YouTube.

We are hoping to reschedule one-to-ones in June 2021 and full classes in Autumn 2021. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more details at the foot of this page! We teach Felting, Weaving, Knitting, Crochet, Spinning, Dyeing + more! Our inspirational studio will give you more than just a really fun day out - you'll learn something new too!

"I travelled 3843 miles to take a felting class and it was worth every mile!" Melanie S. USA 

"Lots of information, clear instructions and a lovely treat of a day in gorgeous surroundings" Jane O. UK 


How to Sew Gingham Cushion Covers :-) xx

How to Sew Gingham Cushion Covers :-) xx

Want to make 3 gingham cushion covers for just £13.65? All you need is a couple of hours and a few easy ingredients! With just one metre of our 100% cotton gingham fabric, there is enough fabric to make 3 cushion covers! :-)

You can sew the covers together on a sewing machine, or you can hand sew them in you prefer - let me show you how! xx

How to make a Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Wool Wreath

How to make a Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Wool Wreath

Make your own pretty Valentine's Day Wool Tops Wreath in about half an hour! So pretty to hang on your door at this time of year, - or actually any time of year, or make for a loved one! (Remember those ' Galentine ' friends as well as those Valentines too!) ...Really cheers everyone up ;-) xx
My Kid Silk Mohair Simple Easy Knit SHRUG : Free pattern!

My Kid Silk Mohair Simple Easy Knit SHRUG : Free pattern!

I am a MASSIVE fan of our kid silk mohair yarn, and wanted to write a pattern for a simple shrug project that anyone could make - even if you have very little experience! This is the perfect project for anyone that is tired of knitting scarves and wants something slightly more challenging but still easy! Essentially you are knitting a giant rectangle and then sewing up the sides to form a shrug - which is basically a cross between a shawl and a cardigan. This kid silk mohair yarn is light and diaphanous, and yet also super warm, - it is literally like putting on a warm hug! :-) The fluffy fibres add an instant layer of warmth, and yet this yarn is super soft against the skin too. #WINWIN!

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