Polka Dot Punch Needle Cushion
Isn't she lovely? I started making this beautiful punch needle cushion during lockdown in July 2020. As well as being a really fun (and EASY) craft, the beautiful tactile nature of the finished punch needle is just stunning. And the possibilities are endless once you know how! 
How to Punch Needle
The carpet like 'front' of the piece is made by simply stabbing the punch needle in and out. And it's really easy once you know how it works. :-) By July 2021 I'd finished my cushion front! But it's taken me another year to get around actually making it into a cushion LOL. I always have sooooo many craft projects on the go (that's what happens when you own a Fluff-a-torium!) LOL xx
How to Make a Punch Needle Cushion
Here I am on my FREE YouTube tutorial with my finished cushion front (don't I look proud! haha) ...where I explain exactly how to do Punch Needle - and indeed how to make something like this cushion. I strongly recommend giving this a watch! I explain the whole process and give you lots of top tips!  Click here for the link to my Free Punch Needle Tutorial.
How to do Punch Needle
To make a cushion like mine, here is a list of the stuff you will need below with links ; obviously you could choose different yarn colours, and you can also sub our Mega Wool Chunky if you want it to 'grow' even faster!
I used :
A Cushion pad (sorry we don't sell these!)
How to Punch Needle
What is fabulous is that you can move the tool to different heights, so that the loops get longer. (You will see me doing that in my free tutorial - see above for link) and that means that my pinks spots were more 'raised' than the gold background. Which makes it look even more splendidly tactile and 3D when it's finished! 
Punch Needle Cushion with Polka Dots
Obviously I can't leave it here on my bed in Spain, as I'd need to make another one for my husband's side and that might take me another two years LOL.
So I expect it'll end up on the sofa ;-) xx I hope you enjoy my tutorial and decide to make one too! It's so fun! x Gillian x

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