How to Sew Cushion Covers

Want to make 3 gingham cushion covers for just £13.65? All you need is a couple of hours and a few easy ingredients! Let me show you how! xx

How to sew cushions

Here's what you'll need :

100% cotton gingham

There is enough fabric to make 3 cushions - but I'm going to outline just making one cushion...

Step One : Cut out 2 squares of gingham 50cm x 50cm

Step Two : Sew 2m of the tassel trim FACING INWARDS around the edge of one of the gingham squares. You can pin it first if you want to - but I just 'went for it' LOL ;-) Just make sure it's not right at the edge and you've left a minimum of about 5mm:

How to make gingham cushion covers

it should look something like this :

Sew a gingham cushion cover

Step Three : Now pin this square to a 2nd square (trimming is inside) :

How to make a cushion cover

The gingham is pretty much the same on both sides, so there isn't really a right side and a wrong side.

How to make a cushion cover

Sew the 2 squares together around 3 sides - leaving one side open

TOP TIP : Use the line of sewing from your tassel trimming as a guide when you sew the 2 squares together :

How to make a cushion cover

Step Four : Turn inside out and stuff the cushion inside :

How to make a cushion cover

Step Five : Turn in and pin final side - (this will be hand sewn!) 

How to Make your own cushion covers

How to Sew Cushion Covers

Sew final side by oversewing in tiny stitches - or stitch however you find easiest! And then you're finished! :-) xx Happy Sewing! xx 

Gingham Cushion Cover

April 10, 2022 — Gillian Harris

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