COMPLETE Felt Selfies Wet Felting Kit

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This COMPLETE "Felt Selfies" kit contains everything you need to make at least 2 colourful pics of yourself or your family or friends from scratch! SUCH FUN!

Includes all the wool tops; a mini bamboo mat and net for wet felting which are re-usable; plus full printed instructions and a free Wet Felting 'Felt Selfies' YouTube tutorial.

There is plenty of colour choice inside the kit and it's suitable for any ages from kids to parents to grandparents!! (NB :Younger children will of course need adult supervision.)

Colours of merino wool tops included in the kit are :

White for backing, Pale blue, sage green, rose pink and pale turquoise for backgrounds; Dark brown, yellow, grey and copper for hair choices; Sepia brown, pale pink, flesh + pinky-minky for skin colours, and then smaller amounts of the following colours for blending with the others above, or adding on details etc. : black, red, turquoise, grass green, white, pale blue, bright yellow, orange.

Gillian shows you how to Wet-felt Merino wool tops in the easy to follow step by step instructions to make your very own Self Portrait in Felt! Plus there should be enough wool tops left over to make another picture if you want to.

Designed by Felting author - Gillian Harris.
Makes a lovely gift!