Wool tops Roving Bundle: 1200g ACID PUNCH colours -save over 10%

Ex. VAT£35.42 GBP
Incl.VAT£42.50 GBP

A great idea for building up a palette of reall punchy coloured wooltops colours to work with, either for wet felting, needle felting, spinning, weaving or anything else you could think of!

Save over 10% on the regular price buying all these Merino wool tops colours separately!
RRP : £47.40
Bundle Price : £42.50

This merino wooltops bundle contains 100g of each of these wool tops (1.2kg) - there are 12 of them (from left to right, top to bottom:)

Bright Yellow Merino
Orange Merino
Red Merino
Flamingo Merino
Candy Merino
Neon Pink Merino
Delphinium Merino
Cornflower Merino
Light Turquoise Merino
Turquoise Merino
Lime Merino
Bright Olive Merino

1.2kg in total - a good amount to work with! And great value!

NB : "Fluff Money" Reward Points are not available with this bundle deal.