Do you always wear through the elbows of your jumpers? Is there an annoying mark on your husband's best sweater? Or maybe you just want to give the kids woolly jumpers or gloves a new lease of life? I'll wear a particular favourite jumper all winter and then I'm sick of the sight of myself in it ... so I give it a new lease of life...

upcycling with needle felting and wool : patch-o-wool

Don't throw knitwear away!

You can re-use; recycle and breathe new life into your woolly clothes with our magic little needle felting repair kits. You can work onto ANY knitwear (apart from cotton) - it doesn't have to be made of wool, it could be acrylic knitwear or a mix. It could be merino or cashmere or a mix - it doesn't matter as long as it's a 'knitted' fabric.

Magically repair holes, hide marks or add new designs to any woolly garment : jumpers, cardigans, hats, scarves, gloves, coats - anything that is wool or a wool mix can be patched with our little Patch-O-Wool kits - available in over 15 different colour ways.

If you want to do a larger design, then use our Basic Needle Felting Kit, and a selection of wool tops in the colours you'l like to use.


Always working onto foam, use our 38g felting needles to magically attach the wool tops in and around a hole for a quick mend. If you are mending a hole, be sure to work with small amounts of wool tops around the edge of the hole and into the centre, from BOTH side of the garment. 

Needle felt the merino wool tops back and forth on both sides of the hole to secure the new patch and make it completely 'felted'. Don't use great big clumps of wool, but build the design up gradually. NB: Use the felting needle gently, - don't stab it too violently or it will break! And keep it well away from your fingers, and from children.

But you don't just need a hole to mend! You can also add a new lease of life to an older piece of knitwear even if it doesn't need mending...

Upcycle knitwear using needle felting

Decorate with little designs, - hearts, polka dots, or even more complex designs - (which obviously take a bit longer) :-)

Mark out the area you'll be working on (especially if it's elbows that need to match!) and start with small amounts of wool. Always build up the design GRADUALLY - don't use a large amount of wool to start with as the wool will felt into a clump and look less effective.

Patch O Wool knitwear mending kit

The little kits come with a small piece of foam for placing underneath the patch you're going to make. It also comes with two colours of (merino) wool tops and 2 felting needles and instructions. These PATCH-O-WOOL kits come in over 15 different colours! :-)



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