Giant Extreme Crochet Bundle Kit : Pale Blue Wooltops & Hook

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Giant Crochet  / Extreme Crochet and Giant Knitting / Extreme Knitting is very popular and so easy to do!
You can knit or crochet beautiful accessories for your home using ultra soft merino wooltops, in literally no time at all - it grows very fast. (I crocheted this lovely blanket/throw/rug in just over an hour! It is embellished with wooltops pompoms - so easy to make!)
Once it's knitted or crocheted, it will keep you super warm and it looks amazing.

It's possible to knit or crochet blankets, throws, cushions, scarves and pet baskets etc.

Included in this Giant Crochet / Extreme Crochet bundle are :
  • 2kg Merino Wooltops
  • 30mm Bamboo Crochet Hook
  • Instructions on how to join pieces together (which is very easy)

Amounts you need will vary - but as a very rough guide
1kg merino wooltops "yarn" is enough for a scarf or small cushion
2kg merino wooltops "yarn"is enough for a giant floor cushion front or small throw or small rug
3kg merino wooltops "yarn"will make you a slightly larger blanket or throw or rug
5kg merino wooltops "yarn"will be enough for a large blanket or throw.

Dimensions will vary according to the size of needle or hook, and also your tension.
I try to keep it as loose as possible, as then you can shape it more at the end.

Need More?
You can buy any of our 60 different colours of Merino Wooltops "yarn" for giant crochet and giant knitting by weight here.

Look after your finished giant crochet or giant knitting carefully and it will keep well. It can be prone to pilling, but you can pull these bits off to freshen it up.
If you need to wash it, then do so very carefully by hand in cold - luke warm water, else it will felt.