100g Burnt Orange Merino wool tops for Felting & Giant Knitting

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Burnt Orange Wool Tops / Wool fleece for feltmaking and spinning
23 micron / 64s 100g (approx 4-5 metres)

Burnt Orange - a really deep dark orange, very rich and spicy. Great with orange and bright red. Would look great contasted with greens and yellows.

N.B. If you want to order more than 100g, please add the number you require. (e.g. if you need 600g, type 6 in the box below before clicking add to basket.)
If you require the wool to be in one large ball rather than split up in separate bags, then PLEASE LET US KNOW under “special instructions” when you check out! We will do our best although sometimes there is a join in the wooltops. We will include instructions on how to join it together when you use it for giant knitting or giant crochet! (e.g. if you want a 2 kilos of wool then please buy 20 lots of 100g but tell us you want it in a one ball in “special instructions” at checkout.)

How much Wool Tops will I need for my project? Here are some rough guidelines:

Felting: For a pair of Felt Slippers or a Medium Felt Bag : Depending on size, approx 75g of 3 different colours, so buy 3 of our 100g bags in different colours for the different felted layers.

Giant Knitting / Giant Crochet:
For a Smaller regular sized cushion front : about 500g
For a Large Floor cushion front : approx 1.75kg
For a Small blanket or throw: approx 2kg
For a Medium blanket or throw : approx 3.5kg
For a Larger blanket or throw : approx 5kg