Glittery Unicorn House Blend Wool tops for Felting & Spinning 100g

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Incl.VAT£9.95 GBP

Yes - this is the epitomy of a GLITTERY UNICORN - which has taken on the form of wooltops! For your spinning, drop spindle, or felting projects!

It is TOTALLY sumptuous and a very heady mix of:

6 different merino wools,
Sparkly white angelina glitter fibres
Deep red mulberry silk tops
-all blended together into one seriously delicious blend.

100g in a bag ready for you to get stuck into.

*Warning, - you may want a lot more! :-)


  • If you want to order more than 100g, please add the number you require. 
  • (e.g. if you need 600g, type 6 in the box below before clicking add to basket.)
  •  If you require the wool to be in one large ball rather than split up in separate bags, then PLEASE LET US KNOW under “special instructions” when you check out!  (e.g. if you want a kilo of wool then please buy 10 lots of 100g but tell us you want it in a kilo ball in “special instructions” at checkout.)
  • The last picture is an example of some yarn that you could spin with this wooltops.