500 Needlepoint Patterns

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Easy repeat patterns for tapestry embroidery in Bargello stitch, Flame stitch and More!

Needlepoint, a centuries-old craft, has found itself back in the spotlight with a fresh and modern makeover. Welcome to an expansive compendium of needlepoint patterns, where alluring designs come to life with ease through the rhythmic dance of yarn on canvas.

The main stitch used for these patterns is the Bargello stitch, a stitch that actually includes several variations such as flame stitch and Florentine stitch. This group of stitches use regular, straight stitches that repeat with a regular offset. Further patterns also use other stitches adapted to the canvas, which will allow you to diversify your techniques and obtain more complex designs.

Throughout the pages, you will discover simple needlepoint patterns that can be repeated ad infinitum, allowing you to cover any size canvas. Follow the colours given or change to your own palettes for even greater pattern variations.

As you navigate through the pages of this needlepoint odyssey, the possibilities unfurl before you. Frame your creations to grace your living spaces with an air of refined artistry, or stitch them into plush cushions, stylish bags, elegant cases, and other functional marvels.

This treasure trove of needlepoint patterns presents an array of choices, from charmingly straightforward designs that can be endlessly replicated on any canvas size, to ambitious creations that challenge and inspire seasoned artisans. With 500 patterns beckoning to your creative spirit, the hardest part becomes deciding which one to try first!