Wool Tops Wreath & Bow Kit by Gilliangladrag (Free YouTube Tutorial)

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Make your own unique and beautiful Wool Tops Wreath either for your front door, or an internal door, or above your fireplace or mantelpiece etc.etc. or maybe as a gift for a lived one or friend or neighbour! Adorn it with seasonal additions according to the time of year!
This Wreath Kit is super fast to make (we're talking less than half an hour!) and it looks rather spectacular when finished! Pimp it with anything you fancy - lots of ideas below! 😃

There are 3 KIT colour ways to choose from :

1) Green with Pink Bow

2) Pale Ice Turquoise with Red Bow

3) Traditional White with Green Bow

NB : This wreath kit won't come with written instructions, but there is a FREE YouTube tutorial on how to make it available HERE!

Each Wool Tops Wreath Kit contains :

  • 1 x 30cm round double wire frame
  • 300g Merino Wool Tops for main wreath colour (choose below)
  • 1 metre of Merino Wool Tops for bow

Our Wool Tops is 100% Merino wool and is ethically sourced from responsibly reared sheep. It is dyed here in the UK. Wreath base is made from wire.

NB: I have included LOTS of different ideas to decorate your wreath with if you don't want to leave it plain. You can buy these separately from us as they are not included with the kit.

Here are some links for the wreath pimping ideas I've used :

  1. Home made pompoms using our  pompom maker available separately HERE 
  2. Our very own ready made Christmas Pudding pompom kit is HERE
  3. The wired mini toadstools are HERE
  4. Ready made pompoms available separately HERE
  5. Feathered Birds available separately HERE
  6. Different Colours of Wool Tops available HERE
  7. Christmas Ribbons available HERE
  8. Christmas Bells available HERE