Classic Striped Deckchair Canvas Bunting Sewing Kit

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Sew & create your own high quality striped cotton bunting to decorate your home, your garden or your party venue! This striped bunting sewing kit is great for special occasions, weddings, garden and street parties, events or just brightening up your space, children's bedrooms - or just anywhere actually! :-) 

Striped Bunting Kit contains:

  • 12  x bunting flags, ready cut in a range of Classic Deckchair Stripes - blue white, red white, yellow white, pink white, purple white, green white, sky blue white, orange white, grey white, turquoise white
  • 4.5metres striped tape (colour of tape may vary)

All you have to do is sew or glue each bunting flag on to the tape provided!
Either leave the bunting flags with their raw edges, or stitch around the edges to make slightly smaller hemmed flags!

Each bunting flag is approximately 25cm long by 22cm wide at the top and your bunting will be approx 4.5m long with the flags placed as you prefer along the length.

100% cotton