Complete Collection 96 Retors du Nord Embroidery Cottons in Box

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The complete 96 colours of the wonderful high quality Retors du Nord embroidery thread from Paris, all enclosed in this gorgeous Sajou box, clad in side and out in their blue paper design with Retors du Nord label, and measuring 30cm x 21cm x 7.5cm

Also included is a large pattern chart for you to embroider a vintage style colour chart.

For ecological reasons, Retors du Nord thread is not colourfast. To make a thread colourfast involves using highly polluting treatments, which is totally unjustified for embroidery purposes. However, it can be washed up to 40° - just be careful never to use boiling water or bleach.

About Sajou's "Retors du Nord" thread:
Retors du Nord, translated literally means "Twisted Yarn from the North" and is a tribute to the North region of France, the traditional home of textile and thread manufacturing.

In French, the word "retors" is a synonym of "mouliné". It means that the thread is twisted to make it more solid and easy to use for embroidery.

The Retors du Nord comes in four separable strands and can be used as any other embroidery floss. It is slightly finer than a 6 stranded DMC stranded cotton, but has a slightly more lustrous finish and slides better. Really lovely quality!

This is an online exclusive and is sent to you directly from France.

It is not available in our shop in Betchworth. However we do stock a large number of the separate cards in the shop.