Felt Tree Topper : Divine Delilah Angel Complete Wet Felting Kit

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Stuck for what to put on top of your Christmas tree this year? Has the ‘same old same old’ glittery plastic wobbly thing seen better days??

Imagine seeing your own adorable handmade felt angel adorning the top of your tree. Make your own Divine Delilah Angel and even pimp her to make her your own and feel like your tree will have the best it deserves as it’s admired by friends and family for many years to come!

This COMPLETE "Divine Delilah" wet felting kit contains everything you need to make this colourful a beautiful Felt Angel from scratch to adorn your Christmas tree - including

  • all the soft fluffy wool tops;
  • a pre cut angel template;
  • a reusable bamboo mat and net for wet felting;
  • a felting needle and mohair locks for adding the face and hair;
  • the pompom trim detail;
  • the tinsel hair bunchies;
  • Design and instructions by Felting author Gillian Harris

Gillian clearly explains how to Wet Felt the Merino wool tops in the easy to follow step by step instructions to make this extremely cute Felt Angel tree topper. You could even leave Delilah on show somewhere all year round if you want to?

Divine Delilah makes a lovely gift - made or even unmade in the packet :-)