Hat Knitting Kit : 'Cosmic Autumn Rebellion'

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Colour & Options

Create a cosmic masterpiece that's sure to turn heads with our "Cosmic Autumn Rebellion" Hat Knitting Kit. This kit brings together the universe of color and creativity, resulting in a stunning accessory for your head that's perfect for rebelling against chilly days and starry nights! xx

What's Included:

  • Yarn : Delight in 1 ball each of two exquisite yarns - the recycled Terrazzo yarn by Scheepjes and the Rico Merino Print. These yarns, when held together, create a subtle yet cosmic explosion of muted colors on a neutral ground, that will leave you totally mesmerized! :-) NB: The yarn for the option "Cotton Candy Skies" includes a 3rd 50g skein held alongside, of our hand dyed Boogie Wonderland Kid Silk Mohair as well, which adds a luxurious handle and a hand dyed element of absolute gorgeousness. See pics. (This Cotton Candy Skies colourway is next level amazing, and is my own personal colour choices and is on my own head as I love it so much!!)
  • Easy-to-Follow Pattern : I've simplified the knitting process with step-by-step instructions that make this a quick and enjoyable project for all levels of knitters. If you've never used circular knitting needles before don't be afraid. This makes the process of knitting a hat EASIER I promise! There are 2 options length-wise if you want a cool baggier beanie or a tighter fitting beanie. (Original colour way is longer and denim colourway is tighter fit.) 
  • Optional Needle Upgrade: Don't have the right needles? No worries! You have the option to include 6mm circular needles with your kit, ensuring you have everything you need to get started.

Key Features:

Speedy Creation: I whipped up this hat in just two evenings - it's the perfect project for busy crafters who want beautiful results fast.

Mesmerizing Colours : The combination of Terrazzo and Rico Merino Print yarns creates a visual masterpiece, making every hat truly one-of-a-kind :-)

Comfortable Fit: Crafted on 6mm circular needles, this hat boasts a cozy Adult fit that's both stylish and comfortable for most adult head sizes.

Colour Options :

1) Cosmic Autumn Rebellion Original which is a Parchment colour mixed with the coloured print.

2) Apple of My Eye : The most perfect of greens mixed with the coloured print

3) Blue Jeans : A pale grey mixed with a blue print mixing denims with navy.

4) Wes Anderson (as seen on my husband's head) : A dark orange and a dark red mix

5) Cotton Candy Skies : A soft pink base, mixed with the original coloured print, plus an added strand of hand dyed boogie wonderland, resulting in such a subtle yet heady mix of colour with the odd tiniest pop of neon and pale blue from the kid silk, which makes it next level, and obviously slightly more expensive. (There will be over half of the kid silk left for another project!)