Cute Crocheted Food

£16.99 GBP

Cute Crocheted Food is a quirky collection of 24 amigurumi crocheted vegetables, fruit, nibbles and snacks offering a whole menu of delicious, zany fun.

Making use of the Japanese amigurumi technique to sculpt robust shapes with yarn, every piece of food becomes a cute and whimsical character. Charming, embroidered faces with a variety of expressions can be included to add personality or leave them off for a more realistic effect.

For health food fans there is an array of wholesome fruit and vegetables, while those who like to indulge can recreate a variety of sweet treats and fast food snacks!

Perfect for stimulating children’s imaginary play, these little foodie friends will be at home in any play kitchen, café or restaurant ;-)

Projects include: peas, carrot, watermelon, hot dog, burger, avocado, sushi, pizza, cupcakes, ice-cream cones, ice lollies, fries and bananas. What's not to love love love!