Double Sided Lampshade Making Kit : 30cm Drum Shade

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At last! We can offer you the 30cm drum lampshade making kit - but double sided! YAY :-) This means you can use one lovely fabric on the OUTSIDE of the shade (I used Velvet) and another totally different fabric on the INSIDE of the shade (I used cotton) which gives it a really fabulous new look! Plus with this kit you can get a really professional finish too if you follow the instructions carefully. The simple step by step instructions are really easy to follow.

There is a LIVE tutorial for this kit saved on our Gilliangladrag YouTube Channel

Make an amazing looking drum lampshade to match your room in less than an hour with this really amazing lampshade kit. The finished lampshade can be used as a pendant (ceiling) light or with a suitable lamp base for a table lamp.

Finished lampshade size is 30cm Diameter x 21cm High

The only things you need to add are :

2 x fabrics of your choice both measuring: approx 106cm long  x approx 31cm deep to cover the self adhesive panel supplied on both sides. (Actual size 97 x 22cm but you need to have some extra fabric top and bottom and sides)

(I used this velvet on the outside. The cotton I used is now discontinued - but you'll find another equally as stunning cotton fabric just HERE! . NB using 2 x cotton would be fine, but 2 x velvet would be too thick to get a good finish. Buy other Velvets and Cotton fabrics HERE for this kit.

Optional : 1m of narrow matching ribbon to hide the joins & some strong glue (I used Gem Tac HERE)

Optional : 1m+ tassel fringing for base of shade after finishing

NB: This lampshade making kit includes all the bits you need to make 1 x 30cm diameter drum double sided lampshade - apart from the fabric.

Kit contains :

1 x Lampshade ring, epoxy coated
1 x Lampshade ring, epoxy coated with fitting
1 x Self-Adhesive double-sided panel size 961mm x 210mm
1 x 1m x 15mm Self Adhesive PVC Strip  (reusable)
1 x 3mtr rolls of 9mm Tessa Tape
1 x Rolled Edge Tool for finishing
1 x Instruction sheet 

NB: The shipping for this kit is quite long and awkward, but it will be supplied in our Gilliangladrag pink packaging.