Gilliangladrag "Speedy Beady" Beading Jewellery Kit

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Not to be confused with Speedy Boarding ;-) - my brand new 'Speedy Beady' jewellery kit contains a carefully curated selection of fab beads and charms, plus all the bits you'll need to easily make some super fun jewellery! :-) x

I've spent ages putting together lots of wonderful colours, shapes and textures that look fun and well balanced together, so you can make at least 1 x necklace, 1 x anklet, 2 x bracelets and several rings from the kit. (You'll most likely have some left over for making a bit more too!)

You can 'make the kit your own' and personalise your jewellery with your own initials or words and phrases, using the pack of letter beads included in the kit. There's lots of opportunity to 'mix up' the component parts :-) x

There's a FREE tutorial over  HERE over on my Gilliangladrag Youtube Channel, including how to bead the daisies into your work. xxx

The 'Speedy Beady' Jewellery Kit contains :

1 x 4g Toho beads in Turquoise 55F

1 x 4g Toho beads in Green 47

1 x 4g Toho beads in Yellow 902F

20g pack Coloured heart beads

100x B&W letter beads for fun words and phrases of your choosing!

1 x 5m roll of beading elastic

30 x gold coloured jump rings

1 x 4 pack of 'Beadalon' collapsible beading needles

1 x polka dot cowrie shell bead

1 x Watermelon charm

1 x Cherries charm

1 x Pineapple charm

1 x Flower charm

15 x B&W striped seed beads

10 x Round White & Red heart beads

10 x Round Pink & White heart beads

2 x Mini Tassels in Neon Orange

2 x Mini Tassels in Hot Pink

2 x Mini Pompoms in Yellow

2 x Mini Pompoms in Orange

20 x miniature pink seed beads

50 x Katsuki disc beads


The only other bits that aren't included and that aren't essential but might be useful are a pair of jewellery pliers and some Gem Tac Glue