Hand Carded BATT for Spinning & Felting : Cockles & Mussels 260g

Ex. VAT£30.23 GBP
Incl.VAT£36.28 GBP

The perfect Holy Fluff Hand Carded Batt for either Spinning or Felting!

Inspired by the sea - and in particular The Isle of Wight ;-) this is a 'one off' unique hand carded Batt, made by us at The Gilliangladrag Fluff-a-torium.

Our BATTS are all hand carded on our new wide drum carder, and feature a mixture of responsibly reared Merino Wool Tops, intoxicating lush recycled Sari Silks and sometimes sparkly Angelina fibres too. They are priced and sold according to weight and content.

Cockles & Mussels is made up of mostly blues and greens and teals and also includes plenty of our 'Emerald Eyes' recycled silk, plus several different colours of Angelina glitter fibres. Really lovely! x

Weight : 2 x batts: 1 x 142g and 1 x 118g = 260g in total