The Hand Dyed Fluff Disco By GIlliangladrag: 300g NEON Mix Wool Tops Pack

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The Hand Dyed Fluff DISCO : NEON Wool Tops Pack (Total 300g)

I bet you’ll look good with Neon Fluff on the dance floor at The Fluff Disco of LIFE!
Strut your fractal funky stuff with my BRAND NEW 6 x 50g NEON MIX PACK designed by me Gillian and dyed by my good self + our Gilliangladrag team here in Betchworth. Use its soft fluffy neon-ness for felting and spinning and weaving etc.
Perfect for adding fabulous pops of colour, plus bang on for fractal spinning - plus use for accents or blending with other colours when wet felting or needle felting. Looks totally amazing in your hand spun yarn or weaving too.

23 micron / 64s 100% Merino. 
300g in total : 6 x 50g in the following 6 different colour-ways:

1) Neon Yellow with Neon Orange Stripes x 50g

2) Neon Orange with Neon Pink Stripes x 50g

3) Neon Pink with Bright Purple Stripes x 50g

4) Bright Purple with Bright blue stripes x 50g

5) Bright Blue with Bright Jade Green stripes x 50g

6) Bright Jade Green with Neon Green stripes x 50g

NB: There may be very small amounts of dye that may run a little when your project is first wet down or washed. This is because we are limited to the amount of rinsing we can do after dyeing, as we try not to felt the wool tops too much! But if there is, it should be fairly insignificant. Just wanted to let you know! xx