HAND SPUN Yarn Cake : 90g "Flowers in The Window" : Gilliangladrag Holy Fluff

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90g of insanely gorgeous and totally unique 'Thick & Thin' hand spun Art Yarn : spun 50% from our 'In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree' House Blend and 50% from our 'Killer Queen' House Blend Wool tops on an Ashford E-Spinner. This hand-spun yarn features luxuriously soft Merino Wools reared from the backs of happy sustainably raised sheep, plus recycled sari silks, and a little Angelina glitter fibre here and there! :-) xx

A beautiful hand spun thick and thin art yarn - suitable for knitting or crochet - ideal for a cushion front, a winter hat or mittens, or as an accent yarn on cuffs or ribbing - or indeed for weaving or lampshade making, tassel making, or adding into other multi media work!

This is a 90g skein which is 52 yds long

Made up of many different colours of Merino Wool Tops, plus several different recycled sari silks and Angelina glitter fibres too. These colours are vivid and dramatic - absolutely mesmerising!! :-) xx