Handmade and Took Bloody Ages : Leather Label x 3 pack

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NEW! Our latest design for our own unique Gilliangladrag "Handmade and took bloody ages" dark brown leather sew on label tags.

Each label has a pre-cut hole in each side for sewing on.

Sew them onto all your handmade items, be they knitted, crocheted, embroidered, felted stitched or sewn projects, so the lucky recipient truly appreciates the time and effort you have gone to, ...just in case they are oblivious and think you knocked it up in half an hour! ;-) xx

Each label is made from real natural leather and measures approximately 60mm wide x 14mm high. Pack includes 3 labels.

NB This batch of labels are quite dark brown leather and you need to look closely to read what they say. But they're still legible. This is funny as on first glance it clearly says handmade,  but on closer inspection it says "and took bloody ages" HAH! xx