Knit a Mini Woodland by Sachiyo Ishii

£7.99 GBP

Knit your own fluffy woodland animal scene with these adorable knitted animals from bestselling author Sachiyo Ishii! Perfect to make and give for all ages.

Choose from a whole forest of woodland favourites, from fierce bears and their playful cubs to mischievous raccoons, bouncing hares and noble stags.

This endearingly cute collection from best-selling author and knitter Sachiyo Ishii is a great source of playful patterns, perfect for presents or playthings, and is a fantastic way to use up your yarn stash.

Complete with step-by-step sewing-up, stuffing and embroidery techniques, these fun, simple patterns are ideal for knitters of all skill levels.

Badger, Hare, Stag and Doe, Fawn, Squirrel, Owl, Fox, Mouse, Hedgehog, Moose, Otter, Beaver, Blue Tit, Wolf, Skunk, Raccoon, Robin and Chicks, Woodpecker, Boar and Piglets, Brown Bear and Cubs