Sajou Mercerie Needles : 40 needles for Embroidery and Sewing

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Incl.VAT£18.00 GBP

Matching item with our Mercerie Dressmaking Glass Head Pins.

The retro card cover of this needle booklet is beautifully decorated and represents little girl repairing her doll. The interior is a floral print in cream tones. So pretty!

Details of the 40 needles:

Sharp point: 6 n° 5 long needles, 6 n° 7 long needles, 4 n° 9 long needles, 2 n° 3 darning needles and 2 n° 5 darning needles.
round point: 2 n° 20 needles, 4 n° 22 needles, 4 n° 24 needles, 4 n° 26 needles and 6 n° 28 needles.

Size of packet when closed: 14cm x 9.8cm.

Size of packet when open: 14cm sur 19.6cm