Mothers Day Fluff Bundle : save over 15%! xx

Ex. VAT£25.00 GBP
Incl.VAT£30.00 GBP £29.91

The perfect fluffy answer to anyone that loves a bit of fluff and is a mother, or mother to be, or grandmother, or... just because. With 10% off as a Mothers Day Fluff Bundle. 


  1. Fluff Disco Mug : Dishwasher proof. 11oz. Holds Tea and Coffee. And Gin etc.
  2. Fluff Disco Bag : For any kind of project or fluffy project; PE kit; Packed lunch etc.
  3. Signed copy of 'Easy Stuff to Make with Fluff' : EVERYTHING to do with Wool Tops
  4. A rainbow bag of fluff to get you going or inspire you or to stare at ;-) xx

Normally would cost RRP : £35.89 - save over 15% and get for just £30! xx