PATCH-O-WOOL : Breathe New Life Into Your Woolly Clothes - Needle Felting Kit

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Do you always wear through the elbows of your jumpers? Is there an annoying moth hole in your best sweater? Or maybe you just want to give the kids woolly jumpers or gloves a new lease of life? 

Don't throw them away! Re-use; recycle and breathe new life into wool clothes with our magic little needle felting repair kits.

Magically repair holes, hide marks or add new designs to any woolly garment : jumpers, cardigans, hats, scarves, gloves, coats - anything that is wool or a wool mix can be patched with our little kits available in over 15 different colours.

How does it work?

Mending Holes : Using a little foam black under the hole, just stab some new 'felting wool' over the hole using a special felting needle. You can match your clothes in a similar colour or use a contrasting colour and make it a feature!

Adding New Designs: Add new designs to older jumpers and knitware to give it a new lease of life! Polka dots all over a jumper? Or how about hearts and rainbows or stars to your kids' jumpers? Or  It's a lot easier than you think!

Kits contain:

  • Piece of foam to put under the hole
  • 2 x felting needles
  • 12g (6g each of two different colours)
  • Instructions & Ideas (plus video on YouTube)

If you need more colours or more wool, then why not add on some of our separate 25g wool packs which give you an additional 4 colours for £2.95 per pack!