Recycled Sari Silk Hand Dyed : 'Get the Party Started' 50g

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Incl.VAT£4.96 GBP

Amazing colourful hand dyed and recycled Sari Silk - A fabulous multicoloured mixture of alllll the colours on a pale pink background - really fun! I love this one! :-) x

Use these Sari Silk Tops as an accent blended with other wools for Wet felting, needle felting and spinning up your own yarn using a drop spindle or a spinning wheel. 

50g pack - plenty for adding small accents into your textile work, but you may want more than one packet if you're spinning up a lot of hand spun yarn with it or adding it into batts etc.

NB: As this product is recycled and hand dyed the colours MAY run in hot water.