Recycled Sari Silk Hand Dyed : 'Jungle Boogie' 50g

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Incl.VAT£4.96 GBP

Gorgeous hand dyed and recycled Sari Silk - On a neutral background, with pretty pops of alllll the colours running through. (Slightly more sedate than 'Get the Party Started'.)

Use these Sari Silk Tops as an accent blended with other wools for Wet felting, needle felting and spinning up your own yarn using a drop spindle or a spinning wheel. 

50g pack - plenty for adding small accents into your textile work, but you may want more than one packet if you're spinning up a lot of hand spun yarn with it or adding it into batts etc.

NB: As this product is recycled and hand dyed the colours MAY run in hot water.