Slipper Lasts / Moulds for Felting size 20/21

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These are our re-usable polystyrene slipper lasts (or moulds / molds) for making lovely cosy warm felt slippers. They come in 'double' European Sizes. Please see the attached chart to convert your size. If in doubt ALWAYS size UP! (You can shrink felt slippers down but you can't make them bigger!)

I have an online felt slipper class with over 1.5 hours of videos showing you exactly what to do. This has lifetime access. You can make your slippers in ANY colour or design. (Click HERE to enroll in my online Felt Slipper Course for £33 + tax.)

Size 20/21 European

Q: How much wool top will I need?

A: As a rough guide, for a medium size adult, you'll need approx 3 metres of wool tops in 3 different colours. So approx 9m in total. There are about 4m to 100g bag of wool tops. So if you buy 3 x 100g bags in different colours that would be sufficient. You may need slightly more for the very large sizes, and about half the amount for baby feet! You may also want some mixed bags with smaller amounts for your designs to go on the outside. Alternatively you could embroider them or leave them plain and simply add a flower in the centre! xx

Q: I'm in between sizes - what should I do?

A: ALWAYS size UP! You can shrink them down, but you can't make them bigger!

Q: What else will I need apart from slipper lasts and wool tops?

A: You will also need a mini bamboo mat, a large piece of netting, and optionally some slipper soles. These soles will make your slippers last a lot longer and will protect their soles from wearing through. I prefer to use a felt sole (for comfort and bounce) and a suede sole on top of that - to prevent slipping and protect them.

Q: Do you only have an online Felt Slipper Course? Or can I use your book instead?

A: The slipper project is outlined in my book "Complete Feltmaking"