Stumpwork Beetle Collection

£25.99 GBP

In this wonderful book Jane shares her methods of using beautiful threads and fabrics - and beetle wings - to create beautiful designs and projects in many forms of embroidery. Some are simplicity itself - an elegant beetle shape embroidered in glittering metallic threads to reflect the iridescent colours of the wing cases set in a paperweight, for example. Others are delightful floral pictures in which a glittering stumpwork beetle plays a starring part.

Lavishly illustrated in colour, this book with detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by numerous explanatory diagrams is a fascinating addition to the working bookshelf of anyone interested in dimensional and textured embroidery.
A huge volume of information, presented in a professional format and style which will make this incredible embroidery accessible to all embroiderers with a passion or even an interest in these styles of embroidery. Impressive!